What’s with the name?

Aletheia is an ancient Greek term that roughly translates to “unclosedness” or “unconcealedness.”  This concept of clarity and transparency just seems right for all business interactions— and maybe even more so, those focused on new business models that optimize health and wellness.


About Me

I’m a healthcare ‘lifer’ with broad experience in clinical care, medical devices, and health IT.   I’m passionate about innovation and strategy for healthcare transformation—namely, the thoughtful deployment of technology to build community, optimize health, and improve outcomes for individuals and populations.

I welcome dialogue on innovation, strategy development, research, the current and future state of healthcare, population health, patient engagement, risk sharing, or value-based care models.

I live in Upstate New York with my beautiful wife, our four mostly wonderful, usually energetic children, and our dog, Molly.  We share a strong Faith that informs our lives and purpose and a love for all things sports, most things outdoors, and some things technology.

Brian J. Buys RN, MBA

Principal, Aletheia Advisors